Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Mystery of Wisin y Yandel

When Talento de Victoria and I were first getting into Reggaeton we were instantly drawn to Wisin y Yandel. They produced songs that just jumped out with pop sensibilities and amazing catchy rhythms.

We got into them pretty hard core, we started learning about their lives (Yandel has a degree in Drama) and whenever someone asked what music we were into they were met with Wisin y Yandel right near the top.

Of course, we were ignoring some obvious facts about this duo. Wisin y Yandel both wear a lot of Ed Hardy style gear, which is very unacceptable. Though we have a history of forgiving gino tendencies (see Baby Boy), after a while Wisin y Yandel just seemed too far into the gino side without enough of the romantic style to balance it out.

Looking back on it, when you first get into Reggaeton it's like getting into hip hop a few years ago. You are drawn to the popular so you like Kanye West and 50 Cent. You think both are awesome and you are proud to yell G-Unit all the time. Then as you learn more about the music, you kind of realize 50 Cent is garbage, but Kanye is money. Well, Wisin y Yandel are like 50 Cent and Kanye is like Daddy Yankee.

After a while, you realize that these guys are really into their abs and cars, and that's pretty lame.

Of course, Yandel did make Permitame with Tony Dize which is one of the great songs of 2008.

Ahora Es (one of the first reggaeton jams we got into)

Update: Here are a couple of pics from early WyY albums. Fair enough, reggaetoneros all look a little bootleg when they are first getting started, but these just reinforce our beliefs.

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