Thursday, December 25, 2008

Rums of Reggaeton: Bacardi Gold

All music genres have alcohol associated with it
1. Rock 'n Roll has Jack Daniels
2. Indie Rock has Pabst Blue Ribbon
3. Hip Hop has Alize, Hypnotiq, Crystal, Grey Goose, Old English, St. Ides, Moet, Hennessey
4. R'n'B has Courvousier and wine (kind of)
5. Jazz has wine (certainly) and lame cocktails
6. Dance Music (Gino Style) has Grey Goose and Belvedere
7. Jam Bands have Micro and home brews, also wine in a skin (what is that all about?)

But Reggaeton is amazingly silent when it comes to liquor and alcohol shout outs. Here at SPR, Talento de Victoria and Estilo Blanco are just waiting to be told what to do. We need guidance. We started doing research and learned that Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic produce copious amounts of Rum and Reggaeton.

We then tried to find the realest and most expensive rum. We learned that Grand Anejo is most expensive and is therefore the best. Also, DY mentions Anejo in the Somos De Calle Remix!

So we are going to keep drinking rums until we find the perfect reggaeton rum.
Here is the scoring:
From Puerto Rico? +2
From DR? +2
From Other Island? -2
From North America (including Mexico)? -5

Taste (1-25)
Smoothness (1-15)
Bottle Design (1-10)
Highest possible score:
50 Reggaeton Points (with 2 bonus)

First Review - Bacardi Gold

This rum was purchased for $12.99 at Trader Joes. The color was nice and when you open it up and take a sniff the first thing you think is "yup, this is booze." Downed as a shot, it's pretty harsh but leaves with you with that good rum flavor.

As a mixer this thing is awesome. Eggnog or Diet Coke, it's fantastic.

Taste (15)
Smoothness (8)
Bottle Design (3)
From Puerto Rico (+2)
Overall, pretty standard.

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