Monday, December 22, 2008

Radio: Latino 96.3

One of the easiest ways to get into Reggaeton is to start listening to Latino 96.3 from Los Angeles, CA. The reason is that the station broadcasts mostly into English but slips into Spanish every now and then.

They play only the hottest reggaeton tracks, but sometimes they play Akon and other non-hispanic artists, which sucks almost all the time. The only time it has worked out was that it introduced us to Colby O'Donis. We were so confused, how could we like this guy with the weirdest ethnic name ever (O'Donis? Irish? Italian? Greek with an apostrophe?). We were so worried, then we checked. He is, of course, Puerto Rican, and has a Spanish version of his awesome jam: What you got.

Latino 96.3

If you are on a Mac. Open up VLC, select "Open Stream" and paste this into it:

-Estilo Blanco

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  1. So good. They exposed me to all the jams of the summer.