Monday, December 22, 2008

Reggaeton Humor

Though the love of Reggaeton is beyond serious, sometimes funny stuff happens.

Watch this video:

It turns out that the creator of the BEAMZ system is a man named Jerry Riopelle, who is an interesting character in his own right. But hilariously, he is aware of Reggaeton, but also has no idea what it is.

Watch this video and fast forward to 5:30

I'm not going to lie and say that he doesn't have the makings of a pretty hot reggaeton beat. But without words and the addition of those dumb steel drums and the fact that it's being done on Beamz? This is not Reggaeton. If somehow we could get De La Ghetto or maybe Baby Rasta to bust a freestyle on top of this, then you would have Reggaeton. But if they busted a freestyle over the traffic noises, it would be Reggaeton. Sorry Jerry Riopelle, you have no Reggaeton, until you get artist support you only have an ungrateful son and an over priced music system.

-Estilo Blanco

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