Friday, December 26, 2008

Enemy of Reggaeton: Lil Rob

Lil' Rob - Summer Nights

We do not like Lil' Rob. He raps in English, and when he does say stuff in Spanish it's things like Pantalones and other words that even I know how to say. Pretty weak stuff.

His biggest hit was the above track called Summer Nights, and some highlights include

"right by the Pacific, to be specific" (yes he used it again in the Bumper remix, he thought we would forget)

"they think we look crazy, but I think we look classy, but that's only if you ask me." (Seriously. That was his rhyme.)

- The guys who make Homies were going to make a Lil' Rob figure but they realized he was too much of a stereotype.

- Lil Rob was in Dangerous Minds and read out a poem and Michelle Pfieffer said it sucked.

- Lil Rob claims to have acted in Training Day, he did not.

- Lil Rob WAS in Party Animalz (2004), which seems to be about a Mexican party where some goats show up.

- Lil Rob has the pointiest and grossest goatee in history.

-Estilo Blanco

- Lil Rob only rolls with mid-to-late thirties single mothers.

- He raps like a retarded t-rex (watch the hands).

Some people tell me that I will listen to anything in Spanish. I guess that could apply to Lil Rob, except he would have to speak Spanish first.

-Talento de Victoria

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