Monday, December 22, 2008

Video: Daddy Yankee - Latigazo

What's going on here? From the El era of Daddy Yankee, it starts with DY interviewing a shirtless lady for what can only be a noche de sexo. This is contrasted with him dancing in a gym in a Lakers jersey. Check 1:27 for a sick Kobe cameo!  He then gets hassled by cops in an SUV. Note the sick dance moves of his passenger, none other than Eddie Dee! (he played the producer in Talento) After that, he starts pouring candle wax on a blindfolded girl and attends an awesome beach party.

Pretty good video, but sometimes it felt like I was watching a free preview on a porn site.

Grade: B

-Talento de Victoria


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA...the Kobe cameo! So ridiculous.

    Also, I love DY but his crossover is not sweet.

    And yes, this felt like the start of Horny Office or much tape to keep those fake jugs in place.