Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Te Quiero by Flex

"Romantic Style in Da World!" Remember that because you will most likely be yelling it out multiple times per day.

Lull in conversation? ROMANTIC STYLE IN DA WORLD!
Awkward pause with waiter? ROMANTIC STYLE IN DA WORLD!
Bored waiting in line? ROMANTIC STYLE IN DA WORLD!

Who can get mad at you? All you are doing is saying that Flex is right and that our world needs more romance. Who disagrees with that? Probably haters and terrorists.

Now, Flex holds a special place in our heart because when he was coming up in Panama, his named was "Nigga." Now, that's inappropriate enough as it is, but if you watch the video, you might notice that he's not black. You see he got his nickname because people thought that he sounded black so they called him "Nigga." When he made his break for the USA, he was given some very solid advice to change his name. He chose Flex, which I assume means that he is flexible when it comes to his name and racism.

The video is pretty good, but production quality is pretty low. The song is so good that it's almost impossible to find a video that could match it.

When you hear this song, you just get so pumped up, you can't help it! Flex has so much passion and energy it's infectious.

The Remix featuring Belinda is a good example of how you can mix Spanish and English and be sweet. Not lame.

Te Quiero: B+
Te Quiero Remix: A-

-Estilo Blanco

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