Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Video: De La Ghetto f. Randy - Sensacion del Bloque

Another semi-old school vid, this time from De La Geezy, "El Jefe del Bloque".

First thing, awesome sweaters. So colorful. De La plays Rick James, a guy who is really into the sensacion del bloque, Rose. It's pretty hilarious because... do they know who Rick James is? Anyways, Geezy is just chilling, gambling with his boys when she rolls by. He then proceeds to stalk her while singing and doing the crouch/hand thing. That's how I rep to girls so I was pretty into the video by this point. Why don't you just call it "Acosador del Bloque"? 

Out of nowhere, AWESOME Daddy Yankee cameo, playing who else but The Big Boss. He picks up Roses' phone and you can tell she is into him. She rolls by Randy but he gets dissed. 

I think pretty much everyone is in this video. You can see Voltio, Jowell, Tito el Bambino (could be Ken Y, I have trouble telling those 2 apart) and more in the posse shot near the end.

Pros: Solid tune, I felt how into that girl they were. De La Ghetto's mack skills. Phone conversation singing.
Cons: MS Word style overlays, Daddy Yankee looking bootleg again.

Grade: A - I'm so into DLG.

-Talento de Victoria

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  1. Ok, either a lot of PR looks the same or they shot Talento De Barrio here.

    Also: De La Ghetto always looks like he has a sloppier PR haircut than DY and the other guys. Probably that half chinese kicking in.

    This video is fantastic. What I love about DLG is that he's not just a rapper (ahem, Lil Rob), but he can sing with much passion! Mas Passion!