Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How to Dance Reggaeton


Since this is taught by a white guy it doesn't count. Also it's dancing, which is lame.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Arcangel v. Polaco

We are still learning about the roots of this feud, and since our Spanish is non-existent, it's gonna take a while.

But this fight is too sweet! Look at the size difference!

Judging by the video. Polaco looks to be about 7'0" 500 lbs, either that or Arcangel is 4'11" weighing in at a buck.

The jury is still out on Arcangel, he has some jams, but he seems like a pretty big trouble maker. Also he's the only guy in reggaeton who seems to like tight clothes.

More Interpretation

1. Notice Dog humping in the back
2. The kid is very proud of the chain
3. This girl is why Noche De Sexo was written
4. 1:34 note the gangbang that takes place while the girl's younger brother is not watching
5. 0:25 AB FLASH! whooo

Interpretacion de la cancion

In other news, I've found out what my hobby for new year is...
These are pretty good.

The Mystery of Wisin y Yandel

When Talento de Victoria and I were first getting into Reggaeton we were instantly drawn to Wisin y Yandel. They produced songs that just jumped out with pop sensibilities and amazing catchy rhythms.

We got into them pretty hard core, we started learning about their lives (Yandel has a degree in Drama) and whenever someone asked what music we were into they were met with Wisin y Yandel right near the top.

Of course, we were ignoring some obvious facts about this duo. Wisin y Yandel both wear a lot of Ed Hardy style gear, which is very unacceptable. Though we have a history of forgiving gino tendencies (see Baby Boy), after a while Wisin y Yandel just seemed too far into the gino side without enough of the romantic style to balance it out.

Looking back on it, when you first get into Reggaeton it's like getting into hip hop a few years ago. You are drawn to the popular so you like Kanye West and 50 Cent. You think both are awesome and you are proud to yell G-Unit all the time. Then as you learn more about the music, you kind of realize 50 Cent is garbage, but Kanye is money. Well, Wisin y Yandel are like 50 Cent and Kanye is like Daddy Yankee.

After a while, you realize that these guys are really into their abs and cars, and that's pretty lame.

Of course, Yandel did make Permitame with Tony Dize which is one of the great songs of 2008.

Ahora Es (one of the first reggaeton jams we got into)

Update: Here are a couple of pics from early WyY albums. Fair enough, reggaetoneros all look a little bootleg when they are first getting started, but these just reinforce our beliefs.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Enemy of Reggaeton: Lil Rob

Lil' Rob - Summer Nights

We do not like Lil' Rob. He raps in English, and when he does say stuff in Spanish it's things like Pantalones and other words that even I know how to say. Pretty weak stuff.

His biggest hit was the above track called Summer Nights, and some highlights include

"right by the Pacific, to be specific" (yes he used it again in the Bumper remix, he thought we would forget)

"they think we look crazy, but I think we look classy, but that's only if you ask me." (Seriously. That was his rhyme.)

- The guys who make Homies were going to make a Lil' Rob figure but they realized he was too much of a stereotype.

- Lil Rob was in Dangerous Minds and read out a poem and Michelle Pfieffer said it sucked.

- Lil Rob claims to have acted in Training Day, he did not.

- Lil Rob WAS in Party Animalz (2004), which seems to be about a Mexican party where some goats show up.

- Lil Rob has the pointiest and grossest goatee in history.

-Estilo Blanco

- Lil Rob only rolls with mid-to-late thirties single mothers.

- He raps like a retarded t-rex (watch the hands).

Some people tell me that I will listen to anything in Spanish. I guess that could apply to Lil Rob, except he would have to speak Spanish first.

-Talento de Victoria

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Rums of Reggaeton: Bacardi Gold

All music genres have alcohol associated with it
1. Rock 'n Roll has Jack Daniels
2. Indie Rock has Pabst Blue Ribbon
3. Hip Hop has Alize, Hypnotiq, Crystal, Grey Goose, Old English, St. Ides, Moet, Hennessey
4. R'n'B has Courvousier and wine (kind of)
5. Jazz has wine (certainly) and lame cocktails
6. Dance Music (Gino Style) has Grey Goose and Belvedere
7. Jam Bands have Micro and home brews, also wine in a skin (what is that all about?)

But Reggaeton is amazingly silent when it comes to liquor and alcohol shout outs. Here at SPR, Talento de Victoria and Estilo Blanco are just waiting to be told what to do. We need guidance. We started doing research and learned that Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic produce copious amounts of Rum and Reggaeton.

We then tried to find the realest and most expensive rum. We learned that Grand Anejo is most expensive and is therefore the best. Also, DY mentions Anejo in the Somos De Calle Remix!

So we are going to keep drinking rums until we find the perfect reggaeton rum.
Here is the scoring:
From Puerto Rico? +2
From DR? +2
From Other Island? -2
From North America (including Mexico)? -5

Taste (1-25)
Smoothness (1-15)
Bottle Design (1-10)
Highest possible score:
50 Reggaeton Points (with 2 bonus)

First Review - Bacardi Gold

This rum was purchased for $12.99 at Trader Joes. The color was nice and when you open it up and take a sniff the first thing you think is "yup, this is booze." Downed as a shot, it's pretty harsh but leaves with you with that good rum flavor.

As a mixer this thing is awesome. Eggnog or Diet Coke, it's fantastic.

Taste (15)
Smoothness (8)
Bottle Design (3)
From Puerto Rico (+2)
Overall, pretty standard.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Te Quiero by Flex

"Romantic Style in Da World!" Remember that because you will most likely be yelling it out multiple times per day.

Lull in conversation? ROMANTIC STYLE IN DA WORLD!
Awkward pause with waiter? ROMANTIC STYLE IN DA WORLD!
Bored waiting in line? ROMANTIC STYLE IN DA WORLD!

Who can get mad at you? All you are doing is saying that Flex is right and that our world needs more romance. Who disagrees with that? Probably haters and terrorists.

Now, Flex holds a special place in our heart because when he was coming up in Panama, his named was "Nigga." Now, that's inappropriate enough as it is, but if you watch the video, you might notice that he's not black. You see he got his nickname because people thought that he sounded black so they called him "Nigga." When he made his break for the USA, he was given some very solid advice to change his name. He chose Flex, which I assume means that he is flexible when it comes to his name and racism.

The video is pretty good, but production quality is pretty low. The song is so good that it's almost impossible to find a video that could match it.

When you hear this song, you just get so pumped up, you can't help it! Flex has so much passion and energy it's infectious.

The Remix featuring Belinda is a good example of how you can mix Spanish and English and be sweet. Not lame.

Te Quiero: B+
Te Quiero Remix: A-

-Estilo Blanco

Video: De La Ghetto f. Randy - Sensacion del Bloque

Another semi-old school vid, this time from De La Geezy, "El Jefe del Bloque".

First thing, awesome sweaters. So colorful. De La plays Rick James, a guy who is really into the sensacion del bloque, Rose. It's pretty hilarious because... do they know who Rick James is? Anyways, Geezy is just chilling, gambling with his boys when she rolls by. He then proceeds to stalk her while singing and doing the crouch/hand thing. That's how I rep to girls so I was pretty into the video by this point. Why don't you just call it "Acosador del Bloque"? 

Out of nowhere, AWESOME Daddy Yankee cameo, playing who else but The Big Boss. He picks up Roses' phone and you can tell she is into him. She rolls by Randy but he gets dissed. 

I think pretty much everyone is in this video. You can see Voltio, Jowell, Tito el Bambino (could be Ken Y, I have trouble telling those 2 apart) and more in the posse shot near the end.

Pros: Solid tune, I felt how into that girl they were. De La Ghetto's mack skills. Phone conversation singing.
Cons: MS Word style overlays, Daddy Yankee looking bootleg again.

Grade: A - I'm so into DLG.

-Talento de Victoria

This seems cool, but would not be a wise purchase

As mentioned before, when you get into Reggaeton you want to see Puerto Rico on EVERYTHING. You start searching the internet and you find some stuff that looks cool, then when you take a step back you realize, I can't wear this, I'll look like an idiot."

This is a prime example:

It is available from IcedOutInfo (http://www.IcedOut.Info), which is possibly the shadiest URL in history for $18.99. But it is sold out at the moment, which makes me think that maybe this is actually pretty cool.

My Block: Puerto Rico

One of the best videos ever.

-Estilo Blanco

Video: Yomo Ft. Jowell & Randy, Ñejo & Dálmata, Voltio - Tu Te Las Trae (Remix)

This video starts off with BOOBS in the first 10 seconds! Brrap reggaeton! Prrraa Prra!
I haven't seen or heard much of Yomo before, I will say he looks like a trout in this video, but he has some solid parts so I will write it off as reggaeton. Dalmata says sex 5-7 times in his verse, which is acceptable. You can pretty much forward to 1:50 though, where Randy gives one of the sickest verses ever. Man, he's playing with some dolls, all kinds of weird stuff. Busts raps, r&b stylez, and even some autotune. The triple threat! Then Voltio out of nowhere destroys the track followed up by an elbow dropping Jowell! Whew. 

This video fares much better than the last one with Jowell y Randy. Fly hoes, check, gambling, check, alcohol, check, fun party atmosphere, check. The best thing is that the club appears to be climate controlled!

The song is very much a new school jam, not incorporating any traditional dem bow rhythms, but that's OK. It gets me pretty amped. This needs to get put into a PG-13 action movie asap.

Grade: A-

-Talento de Victoria

Another amazing PR Hat

GOLIATH, being located in Spanish Harlem is dropping the Puerto Rico NEW ERA 59fifty fitted caps. This fitted is very limited and is available only at Goliath.


175 E 105 Street
New York, NY 10029

-Estilo Blanco

A pretty cool Reggaeton Hat

$29.99 at Hatland.com

Things We Don't Like: English

Reggaeton is pretty good, mostly because it's not in English but at the same time it doesn't count as "World Music." Since Reggaeton is new, but still close enough to home that you might hear it coming out of a car, many World Music fans will hate it. This is a plus.

Anyways, the only good Reggaeton is Reggaeton in Latin Spanish. We rate an artist on how much they use Spanish and English.

What's acceptable: small English phrases here and there, hey it's part of the PR culture, no biggie. Baby Boy does it perfectly and Daddy Yankee can do it with lines like "Miss Latina Next Top Model," it is magically perfect.

What's not acceptable: Anything from half a verse or more of English. Pitbull, Lil Rob, Big Gemini. They are not reggaeton artists, they are rappers who suck. Just like every white or Asian rapper who sucks.

In the Somos de Calle remix video, there are some sick parts. then boom all of a sudden McCeja comes in busting English. What? Excuse me sir, did you not get the memo? These artists need to figure out if they are reggaetoneros or just another North American conscious hip hop loser. If that's all you want to do, I might as well listen to De La Soul or 50 Cent. Do you make a horror movie without blood? Some can, but it's rare and has to be all arty farty and shit. For the most part, it's best to stick with blood (Spanish) than to try and change the genre. You'll end up being classified as a thriller (sucky North American rap). Like I said, if you guys want to start doing all English I have a bunch of Gangsta Grillz CD's I can listen to instead, your call. Extreme, I know, but it had to be said.

-Talento De Victoria

Reggaeton Dramas: Arcangel

It has been said that University departments can be so difficult because you have so many smart people in one place-there are bound to be conflicts. I think it's more because many of them are jerks. But Reggaeton is no different, so much talent and awesomeness, there is bound to be some drama.

One of our favorite artists, Arcangel, is in the midst of a CRAZY feud with Baby Records.

It seems that Arcangel used to be a duo with half-chinese hero De La Ghetto, but then that split up. But more importantly Arcangel also has a huge beef with his old label Baby Records.

"As we say in PR, "que revolu"! Translation: what a friggin' mess! This kid's got a lot of drama considering he's just a newcomer in the game. He already split from De La Ghetto (the two were originally a duo) and now, he's asking to be released from Zion's Universal-distributed Baby Records. Arcangel alleges that he signed to Baby Records for $10,000 and that his contract outlines a two-year tenure and the completion of a solo record. But apparently, he's not content with Zion's management and feels like he's in limbo, especially since no solo album has been dropped..." (Source)

The Drama was apparently enough for him to get this tat (it is a Baby Records logo crossed out, like it is banned)!

-Estilo Blanco

Monday, December 22, 2008

Uh oh...

Voltio f. Pitbull AND Lil Rob? All kinds of bad!

How to Represent without taking it too far

When you first get into Reggaeton you want to cover everything you own in a Puerto Rican or Dominican flag: Car hoods, head, head rests, bed spreads, and skin. The problem is that there are companies that actually make these products.

But if you take it this far and you are not actually Puerto Rican you can get into some pretty awkward and potentially dangerous situations. But, you can't just NOT represent Puerto Rico or else you'll just be like every other jerk. Instead, you just need to find a way to show your love of PR without going over the top.

We recommend getting a small flag that you can hang in the front window of your house or from the rear view mirror of your car.

You can always buy one on ebay.

Radio: Latino 96.3

One of the easiest ways to get into Reggaeton is to start listening to Latino 96.3 from Los Angeles, CA. The reason is that the station broadcasts mostly into English but slips into Spanish every now and then.

They play only the hottest reggaeton tracks, but sometimes they play Akon and other non-hispanic artists, which sucks almost all the time. The only time it has worked out was that it introduced us to Colby O'Donis. We were so confused, how could we like this guy with the weirdest ethnic name ever (O'Donis? Irish? Italian? Greek with an apostrophe?). We were so worried, then we checked. He is, of course, Puerto Rican, and has a Spanish version of his awesome jam: What you got.

Latino 96.3

If you are on a Mac. Open up VLC, select "Open Stream" and paste this into it:

-Estilo Blanco

Video: Daddy Yankee - Latigazo

What's going on here? From the El Cangri.com era of Daddy Yankee, it starts with DY interviewing a shirtless lady for what can only be a noche de sexo. This is contrasted with him dancing in a gym in a Lakers jersey. Check 1:27 for a sick Kobe cameo!  He then gets hassled by cops in an SUV. Note the sick dance moves of his passenger, none other than Eddie Dee! (he played the producer in Talento) After that, he starts pouring candle wax on a blindfolded girl and attends an awesome beach party.

Pretty good video, but sometimes it felt like I was watching a free preview on a porn site.

Grade: B

-Talento de Victoria

Reggaeton 101: Perreo

This is a kind of dance you bust when listening to reggaeton. Made popular in PR, it comes from the word "perro", meaning dog, and "perrear", meaning to dance. Pretty much doggystyle dancing. It can also be called "sex on the dance floor" or "sex with clothing".

What makes this any different than your normal grinding at the club? In North America, grinding definitely goes on, but can sometimes be questionable and awkward. With reggaeton, all signs point to yes. No longer do you need to creepily stand on the edge of the dance floor, waiting to spot a really drunk girl. This is just how you dance.

I read there was some kind of stink in PR about it, but I mean come on, really? Really? 

Sorry if this video offends anyone.
-Talento de Victoria

Reggaeton Diet

-Talento de Victoria

Reggaeton Humor

Though the love of Reggaeton is beyond serious, sometimes funny stuff happens.

Watch this video:

It turns out that the creator of the BEAMZ system is a man named Jerry Riopelle, who is an interesting character in his own right. But hilariously, he is aware of Reggaeton, but also has no idea what it is.

Watch this video and fast forward to 5:30

I'm not going to lie and say that he doesn't have the makings of a pretty hot reggaeton beat. But without words and the addition of those dumb steel drums and the fact that it's being done on Beamz? This is not Reggaeton. If somehow we could get De La Ghetto or maybe Baby Rasta to bust a freestyle on top of this, then you would have Reggaeton. But if they busted a freestyle over the traffic noises, it would be Reggaeton. Sorry Jerry Riopelle, you have no Reggaeton, until you get artist support you only have an ungrateful son and an over priced music system.

-Estilo Blanco

How to deal with people who hate Reggaeton

Reggaeton is a new style of music, and many people are scared of things that are new. Because of this fear, many of them will hate Reggaeton and say "oh Gasolina sucks, that music is no good. It all sounds the same."

Step 1: Resist the urge to punch them in the face for disrespecting the music.
Step 2: Take a deep breath.

Now, here is where it can go in many directions. You have to ask yourself this question: Would reggaeton be cooler if this idiot liked it?

Step 4: Make them the hottest of mixes.

Step 4: Say "yeah, I guess you're right. Are you still going to that Ozomatli concert? Awesome. Politics!"

But always, above all else remember that nobody hates on celery. It's boring and has no flavor. People hate on cilantro, it has a spice that not everyone can handle. So prepare yourself for some haters and be thankful that they aren't diluting reggaeton to the point where we get a Puerto Rican version of the Black Eyed Peas.

Video: Ya No Llores by Baby Boy

If you were to watch this video with no sound, there is no doubt that you would hate Baby Boy. He dresses like a gino/guido, which is almost always unacceptable. But then when you turn on the sound you hear him speaking and think "ok, he might be a gino but he has soul and passion and one hell of a song." Then out of nowhere he busts in with SPANISH and you realize, he's not a gino, he's Puerto Rican!

He is actually really cool and this is one of the best songs ever.

One day, I hope that I can slip between English and Spanish as easily as him. He has a follow up track called "Morenita" that will be posted later that is awesome.

Grade: A-

-Estilo Blanco

Talento de Barrio Songs

You've just watched Talento de Barrio and thought, "man, those jams in the club and in the credits were so agresivo!" You go out and buy the soundtrack only to find they're not on there. Jerks. I've compiled the songs below.

Voltio in the club with a bit of DY:

End Credits:

The studio version of DY's club jam:

-Talento de Victoria

Video: Jowell y Randy - No Te Veo

New video from Jowell y Randy. The song is a jam, but what was the budget on this? $50 and a 2 for 1 coupon for Pizza Hut? They look kind of lonely... reminds me of vacations that I take. Randy is looking pretty hipster. Wish we could have seen more of Jowell's hair, I like when he wears it up. No Te Veo literally translates to "I do not see you." I'm hoping this is a Kobe-esque "you can't see me" kind of phrase.

Rating: C+

-Talento de Victoria

Merch You Can Buy To Make Yourself More Reggaeton

Ok, so some jerk called you out for not knowing what reggaeton was. You said, "Doesn't it have something to do with reggae?" You thought that was a safe answer, but you were wrong. I'm not going to go into the history here, that's what wikipedia is for, but instead show you some items you can buy to look legit.

  1. Hats - Obvious choice. Thanks to the world baseball classic, there are a variety of central american country hats to buy, with the best choice being the PR hat (see Estilio Blanco's post below). There are some variant MLB hats with either a PR/Dominican flag on the brim or side. Pick what you like, the key here is showing Latin America love.
  2. Bandanas - Have you watched the Somos de Calle Remix video? Do that and you realize that bandanas are pretty key. Each guy has his own kind of color scheme with accompanying bandana. There are some sweet wholesale places online so don't let ebay shipping rates stop you. Oh did I mention there are at least FOUR different styles of PR bandana: regular, boricua, chook, and me encanta!
  3. Shades - Some nice designer ones will do, just google around and go fake if you need to. The main thing is that they have some kind of fade on the lens, and if in doubt the rounder the better.
  4. Jeans - Major component of the look. In north america, you would probably call these "douche-bag jeans", but in the land of reggaeton that does not apply. Look for jeans with a subtle stone-washed look, rips are key too. If you can get some rhinestones it wouldn't hurt either.
Optional items: Airsoft guns, Daddy Yankee Shoes, Daddy Yankee Cologne.

-Talento de Victoria

De La Ghetto Half Chinese

Visit page on mun2
The video above says it all: De La Geezy is half chinese. I'm half chinese, so this was great news. As a half-chinese person, I wondered where I fit in the scheme of all things reggaeton and PR. After seeing Talento de Barrio, the asian guy in the rival cria gave me hope, even though he got served a karate diss and got gatted. This, however, fully validates me.

De La Ghetto also gives some sweet advice in case you are not sure if you are chinese. He says he was always into chinese food and movies, then BAM! Turns out, he's chinese.

-Talento de Victoria

Somos De Calle Remix

Personally, I think Voltio rips it.

We give the lyrics to help us learn more Spanish

Somos De Calle Remix Lyrics


Yo si soy de la calle,
(I am from the streets)
lo que no soy es gangster ni matón, (Welcome to the remix!)
(what i'm not is gangster or killa)
no te confundas,
(don't get confused)
tampoco alicate ni mamón,
(neither a "*****" nor sucker) (***** is not the literall translation for ALICATE but he says it in that manner)
yo soy cantante, (History baby!)
(I am a singer)
te lo demuestro en mi canción,
(I'll show you in my song)
a nadie envidio,
(don't envy anyone)
por eso Dios me da la bendición,
(that's why God blesses me)
tengo dinero,
(I have money)
(Smell it)
sin necesidad de tirarle,
(Without the need to shoot at)
a ningún cabrón...
(any mother****er)
Yo soy Arcangel, (Prrra!)
(I am Arcangel)
mago en esta pendejá,
(magician in this mess)
los desaparezco sin esforzarme ná,
(I make them dissapear without making an effort)
asi que estate quieto,
(so stay still)
que si te pillo por mi callejon te van a mandar un rafagazo,
(because if I catch you around my street, they will shoot you)
estate quieto, (PR!)
(stay still)
Arcangel la maravilla protagonista de tu fracaso...
(Arcangel the wonder, protagonist of your failure)

Daddy Yankee

Tu sabes que somos de calle, (Daddy!)
(You know we are from the streets)
hay cria y corazon, (Making history!)
(There crews and heart)
siente el fuego, (Haciendo historia!)
(feel the fire)
las reglas del juego las pongo yo... (Ustedes quieren mas presion, ja!)
(I make up the rules of the game (You want more pressure, ha!))
(You know my time is it, you know my time is it Daddy!)

Tu sabes que somos de calle, (Daddy!)
(You know we are from the streets)
hay cria y corazon, (Se unieron las fuerzas!)
(There are a crews and heart (they united the forces)
siente el fuego, (Haciendo historia!)
(feel the fire)
las reglas del juego las pongo yo...
(I make up the rules of the game)

De La Ghetto
No soy sicario pero jalo cuando es necesario,
(I'm not an assasin, but I pull the trigger when necessary)
no quiero ser temerario solo un talento de barrio,
(I dont want to be reckless, just a talent of the hood)
no te equivoques, también tengo pistolas en mi inventario,
(Don't get confused, I also have guns in my inventory)
y en el periodico en la seccion de obituarios,
(and in the newspaper in the obituary section)
de tu corillo contarás a varios,
(from your crew you will count a few)
a los cobardes que en vez de cojones parecen tener ovarios,
(to the cowards that instead of balls seem to have ovaries)
de niño, viví la calle a diario,
(as a kid, I lives the streets daily)
cambie la glock por el micrófono,
(I changed the glock for a mic)
ahora mato en escenario...
(Now I kill on stage)
Crías, desarrolle y no fue culpa mia,
(Gangs, I developed and it wasn't my fault)
en Villa España y La Perla joceando to los dias,
(in "Villa España" and "La Perla" hustling every day)
mataron a mi socio Siquitria,
(they killed my buddy Siquitria)
sabe que!?
(You know What!?)
Que esa muerte pudo haber sido la mia...
(That death could've been mine)

Guelo Star
Aquel que rompe las reglas, la regla es rompele la cara,
(He who breaks the rules, the rule is break his face)
lechones que roban, picale la mano afuerza de balas,
(pigs who steal, chop their hands by force of bullets)
para verle la cara soltando lagrimas de embuste,
(to see their faces crying fake tears)
usted necesita insecticida,
(you need insect poison)
mosquitos que cargan el dengue y vive del boconeo,
( mosquitos that carry Denque and live off being big mouths)
EL respeto no se recupera a la hora del fogoneo,
(Respect is not recovered at the hour of "gun fights")(fogoneo is slang for gun fights)
mi calle es calle y mi ciudad ES PEOR,
(My street is hood and my city if worse)
yo vengo de Ponce,
(I come from Ponce)
mi calle es de nativa, arriba boricua ronque...
(my street is native, get up boricua "front")(front as in frontin')

MC Ceja

Soy de la calle,
(I'm from the streets)
hell yeah, I'm from the block,
where *****s got big guns the pop And get your *** droped,
donde se aprende a jocear y a hacer dinero,
(where you learn to hustle and make money)
tambien donde se aprende que el listo vive del mas sincero,
( Also where you learn that the sneaky lives off the most honest)
yeah, we don't talk to the cops,
no importa si me quieren dar tiempo en la federal,
(it don't matter if they want me in time in the federal penitentiary)
ah, ah, yeah,
total soy un talento de barrio,
(eitherway im a talent of the hood)
y en bloque me mantengo a diario, *****!
(and in the block a stay on a daily basis)

Daddy Yankee

Tu sabes que somos de calle, (Daddy! PR!)
(you know we are from the streets)
hay cria y corazon, (Nosotros somos los que comandamos La brea)
(there are crews and heart (we are the ones that command on the pavement))
siente el fuego,
(feel the fire)
las reglas del juego las pongo yo... (Los favoritos del PUEBLO!!)
(I make the rules of the game...(The PUBLICS FAVORITES))

Porque somos de calle,
hay cría y corazon,
siente el fuego, (Julio Voltio!)
las reglas del juego las pongo yo... (Hey yo Voltaje)


Por eso tu vas antes,
(thats why you go first)
que yo soy mudo, ciego y sordo,
(that I'm mute, blind & deaf)
y ando calladito aunque halla un motin aborto,
(and I wonder around silent even if there's a mess going on)
en mi carro en los regueros se tapan con un toldo,
(In my car the "messes" are covered with a rug)(messes reffers to weapons)
muchos se escrachan guillaos de peces gordos,
(many get scratched cause they think they are the big fish)
los barrios, los caserios, tos son iguales, (Claro!)
(the ghettos, the hoods, they're all the same, (of course!))
siempre hay un chota, mil anormales,
(their's always a snitch, 1000 morons)
el punto, los rifles, enemigos, los federales,
(the point, the rifles, the enemies, the FBI)(the point means places were they sell drugs)
cuando hay problemas, uhmm, nadie sale...
(when there are problems, uhmm, no one comes out...)

Por dinero las mujeres dan culo,
(For money women give ***,)
el bichote, el gangster, el chulo,
(the druglord, the gangster, the preety boy,)
el mundo es tuyo,
(the world is your)
la pendejá es que todo el mundo piensa como tu y yo,
(the problem is that everyone thinks like you yo!)
to el mundo quiere buscarse lo suyo,
(everyone is looking for theirs)
hay es que empiezan los murmullos,
(thats when the whispers start)
peliando por flejes, por chavos, por droga,
(fighting for *****?, for money, for drugs,)
y dicen que es por el orgullo,
(and they say it's because of pride)
te clavan la jeva,
(they **** your chick)
te matan de espalda, (Come on!)
(they kill you from behind)
esto es una selva, (Chyno Ny!)
(this is a jungle)
aqui nadie te salva... (Yo!)
(here no one saves you)

Chyno Nyno

Muchos aspiran llevar este tipo de vida,
(many aspire to lead this type of life)
aquí las opciones no varían y la pobreza me obliga,
(here the options don't vary and poverty obligates me)
no toleramos Listeria,
(we don't tolerate "listeria")(Listeria is slang for a person who takes advantage of others)
Si Eres chota en la boca si eres comelón en la barriga,
(If you're a snitch you get it in the mouth, if you're greedy in the stomach)
(comelón means that you eat alot but means in term of always wanting more)
muchos dicen que son líneas pero se viran,
(many say they're straight but they bend)
dicen ser calle y todavía no han visto la avenida,
(they call themselves streets but havent even seen the avenue)
calma la mandíbula parlanchín,
(calm your jaw punk)
usted no tiene corazón ni en el día de San Valentín...
(you don't even have heart on Valentines Day)

Daddy Yankee

Tu sabes que somos de calle,
hay cria y corazon,
siente el fuego,
las reglas del juego las pongo yo...

Porque somos de calle, (Ok, tu quieres mas tension entonces!?)
hay cria y corazon, (Hey yo Coscu! Come on man!)
siente el fuego, (I Got Ur Back Man)
las reglas del juego las pongo yo...(LET THEM KNOW)


Ya yo estoy harto de escuchar los cuentos de bichotes, fekas,
(I'm tired of hearing stories of fake gangsters)
de cuando bajaban kilos y aparatos de manteca en la maleta,
(of when they pulled down Kilos and devices of drugs on their briefcase)
un micrófono de cables adentro del huddy,
(cable microphones inside their hoodies)
y el tipo tiro al medio hasta los tecatos en el Churil,
(the guy ratted out even the junkies in "El churil")
loco, la gente creen que dan corriente y tienen cria,
(man, people think that they shock and have a crew)
se juntan quince pa asaltar una panaderia,
(15 gather up to rob a bakery)
triple bateria y andan sin los tintes en el Kia,
("tripple batteries and they go around without tints on their KIAs)(tripple batteries for the sound systems)
por insecterias de esas los dejan tiraos de dia...
(for "being an insect like that" they leave them dead on broad daylight...)
En el barrio todos saben como el humo se bate,
(in the hood everyone knows how the smoke stirs)
hay muchos bajo tierra por hacer disparates,
(the're are many underground for doing stupidities)
te pones pa tu numero o te parten el remo,
(or you straighten your **** or they break your paddle)
esto es PR, tu sabes como lo hacemos... (La Plus 40!)
(this is Puerto Rico, you know how we do it...)

Baby Rasta

Estoy que me arde la boca poniendo nombre en tu record,
(My mouth stings dropper names on your record)
y hasta te he visto saliendo pal colmado con chaleco,
(and I've even seen you going to the shop with a vest) (vest if for bullet proof vest)
se que tiembla, cuando en el barrio suenan los lobos,
(I know you shake, when the wolves sound in the hood)
le diste a doce pero a cuantos miraste a los ojos?
(you tookdown 12 but how many you lookes to the eyes)
Oyeme esta gente si son trili y me dan risa,
(Hear me out these people are fake and make me laught)
buscan vida con collares pero seran ceniza,
(they look for lives with leashes but they will be dust)
o se alinean o seran fantasmas con la brisa,
(or you get your **** straight or you'll be a ghost with the breeze)
temperatura, si Yankee los arropa como trizas...
(temperature, if Yankee blasts you all to smithereens)

Daddy Yankee

Tu sabes que somos de calle, (Daddy Yankee no es un CANTANTE...)
hay cria y corazon, (Daddy Yankee es EL movimiento!)
siente el fuego,
las reglas del juego las pongo yo... (Damas y Caballeros!)

Porque somos de calle, (Se le agradece el apoyo al jefe...)
hay cria y corazon, (Cerrando con broche de oro!)
siente el fuego,
las reglas del juego las pongo yo... (Rompiendo las reglas!)

Hey chamako si las pistolas no tan aprietan,
(Hey boy, if the pistols aren’t too tight)
se comen vivo a cualquiera que se le trepen las chuletas,
(they eat alive anyone who gets cocky)
(little gangter)
Sembraste el miedo con tu locura,
(you planted fear with your insanity)
pero no te respetan papi, como al jodedor de altura,
(but they don't respect you, like the mother ****er from hight)
(little gangter)
Pasaste el limite,
(you passes the limit)
un sapo no puede mear en tierra de principes,
(a frop can't piss in the land of a prince)
en la guerra fuiste participe,
(in the war you participated)
le metiste mucho voltaje al dedo indice...
(you put too much voltage to the index finger)
Ahora por tu cabeza hay una subasta,
(now you have a bounty on your head)
estan ofreciendo cash, kilos y libretas de Baby Rasta,
(they're offering cash, kilos and notebooks of Baby Rasta)
caliente pal pecho como el ron añejo,
(hot for the chest like vintage rum)
O mueres como un valiente o vives como un pendejo,
(or you die like man or live like a coward)
asi como esta la cosa cualquier hijo de vecino
(thats the way things are, any son of a neighbor)
te almuerza bien facil como peeper con arroz chino,
(eat real easy like pepper with chineese rice)
te vuelan las cejas, se viven la movie del Guelo,
(they shoot of your eyebrows, they live up Guelo's movie)
con Arcangel te salve del fuego De La Ghetto...
(with Arcangel I saved you from De La Ghetto's fire)

Nosotros dictamos,
las reglas callejeras,
desde los 80, hasta el infinito,
Puerto Rico,
los creadores del movimiento urbano...
Talento de Barrio!
Once again!
El Jefe!

-Estilo Blanco

Awesome Hat

Here at Solo Para Reggaeton we are always on the lookout for the coolest gear. Recently, Estilo Blanco was able to score a fitted PR hat from ebay for $15 shipped!

Not only is the hat New Era (a must if you want to be cool), but it features a small PR flag on the side! So awesome!

-Estilo Blanco

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