Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Video: Yomo Ft. Jowell & Randy, Ñejo & Dálmata, Voltio - Tu Te Las Trae (Remix)

This video starts off with BOOBS in the first 10 seconds! Brrap reggaeton! Prrraa Prra!
I haven't seen or heard much of Yomo before, I will say he looks like a trout in this video, but he has some solid parts so I will write it off as reggaeton. Dalmata says sex 5-7 times in his verse, which is acceptable. You can pretty much forward to 1:50 though, where Randy gives one of the sickest verses ever. Man, he's playing with some dolls, all kinds of weird stuff. Busts raps, r&b stylez, and even some autotune. The triple threat! Then Voltio out of nowhere destroys the track followed up by an elbow dropping Jowell! Whew. 

This video fares much better than the last one with Jowell y Randy. Fly hoes, check, gambling, check, alcohol, check, fun party atmosphere, check. The best thing is that the club appears to be climate controlled!

The song is very much a new school jam, not incorporating any traditional dem bow rhythms, but that's OK. It gets me pretty amped. This needs to get put into a PG-13 action movie asap.

Grade: A-

-Talento de Victoria

1 comment:

  1. Man! Love this video!

    The boobs at the start are kind of pointy.

    Also I love when Voltio flashes the two aces, like it's a real poker game...hilarious!