Monday, December 22, 2008

De La Ghetto Half Chinese

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The video above says it all: De La Geezy is half chinese. I'm half chinese, so this was great news. As a half-chinese person, I wondered where I fit in the scheme of all things reggaeton and PR. After seeing Talento de Barrio, the asian guy in the rival cria gave me hope, even though he got served a karate diss and got gatted. This, however, fully validates me.

De La Ghetto also gives some sweet advice in case you are not sure if you are chinese. He says he was always into chinese food and movies, then BAM! Turns out, he's chinese.

-Talento de Victoria


  1. Man, I hope since I'm so into PR and Reggaeton that I will find out that I am half Puerto Rican...but I dunno, seems unlikely.

  2. half asian?

    i don't know how i feel now about this. This brings about a chemical imbalance