Monday, March 23, 2009

PR Hat gets you respect

So I bought this hat a while ago and I've only worn it outside a few times.

But every time I wear it I magically get props!
1) I was at Trader Joe's buying wine and this super cool black guy who looked like Terry Kennedy goes "where you get that hat man?" and I told him and he was totally impressed!
2) I was walking down the street near this plumbing company and these Latino guys (not sure if they were PR, that would have made it way sweeter), stop me to ask where I got my hat.
3) I was going through security at the airport and the ladies there asked me to show the hat to a different security who wanted to buy one! So awesome.

This hat is magic, I need to get the Dominican one next. So proud.

Magic Juan - Baby Come Back

Every once in a while a song comes along that perfectly captures a feeling, a moment, an intangible sense of life and living.

For a lot of white people it's the song "Everybody Hurts" for REM, it's great for breakups, proms, slow dancing, very multi-purpose.

But within the Latino community there is a need for a song that expresses the pain of heartbreak but isn't so slow and boring that you want to slit your wrists and die. Thank god Magic Juan sped up some journey and released this banger.

When I hear this song, I think of someone who looks not unlike De La Ghetto standing outside in front of a typical upscale desert community house, screaming for his super hot 16 year girlfriend to take him back. She is all like "no way you cheated on me" and then he says nothing but hits play with this song. They are making out before it finishes.

Baby Come Back is the story of a man who needs to get his woman back, who hasn't been in this situation? It's so good, but it doesn't have a video yet, so forgive the weird graphics.

If you aren't pumping your fist or crying by the end of this, you are dead inside.