Friday, May 29, 2009

Tito El Bambino ft. Jenny Rivera

Ok, this might be one of the greatest reggaeton videos ever for one simple reason: it shows a birth! It's all about pregnancy and you know that we are all about that pregnancy here at SPR.

The video also features Tito El Bambino lying down on a skateboard and riding down some path in a park. It doesn't really make sense, but it doesn't matter I just keep waiting for more shots of that delivery room!

Other things featured in the video:
* Nuns
* Improperly Tucked in Shirts
* Classy Moves (specifically 3:21)
* Old Guy with Beard who probably wrote an awesome novel about love and Puerto Rico and it's so complicated they couldn't translate it to English because it would lose all of it's meaning and allegory but then some professor did translate it and it sparked a war but it was all ok because the old guy got tenure then slept with the professors wife and got her pregnant (note: this is implied).

Things that would make it the perfect reggaeton video:
*Fitted Hats
*Cameo from DY or DLG
*Puerto Rican, Dominican and Mexican Flags (to show unity)
*More Pregnancy shots

Long story short, if you don't want to get pregnant, don't watch this video.

An Academic Book?

So I have to order this:
I will read it and post a positive review on Amazon even if it sucks.

I thought I would never read another academic book again but look at it! I have to!

Sonia Sotomayor: Reggaeton Supreme Court!

So Barack Obama just nominated Sonia Sotomayor to be a supreme court justice and some people are all upset about it. They said it's about abortion or something, but we all know what this is really about: the anti-reggaeton lobby.

Yes Daddy Yankee supported John McCain, but last time I checked John McCain didn't seem to eager to support him back: no video appearances, no shout outs in speeches, no sweet Puerto Rico hats, no support in general. What a jerk.

So now Sonia Sotomayor is on the verge of being a Supreme Court Justice. Looking at her biography we see that she is Puerto Rican, born in the Bronx, and a Yale Law School Graduate. If you subtract the Yale thing, her biography is almost identical to Marcy Place! And if you swap "Bronx" for "San Juan" and "Yale Law School" with "getting drafted by the Seattle Mariners then getting shot" she is the mirror image of Daddy Yankee himself!

So what would a Reggaeton Supreme Court Justice do? Well, in my fantasy world here is what happens:
1. Pledge of Allegiance replaced with Somos De Calle Remix
2. Star Spangled Banner is rewritten by De La Ghetto to be "more catchy" and "more reggaeton-y"
3. New Era named official hat producer to US Government
4. Dominican Republican given protectorate status (for baseball and reggaeton reasons)
5. Boring, stuck up Washington Dinners turn into sweet Perrero block parties!

We are so close!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This is how you ruin a song...

Alexis y Fido - Ojos Que No Ven Remix featuring...

This is almost too terrible for words.

-Talento de Victoria

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wisin y Yandel Videogame

So in anticipation of Wisin y Yandel's new album La Revolucion, they have released some awesome wallpapers for fans. The best of three is shown above and features Wisin y Yandel plotting some sort of military action against Europe.

Talento de Victoria is hoping that they are plotting to invade Spain via France as payback for what the Spainiards did to the Taino Indians who were native to Puerto Rico. It goes without saying that the idea of PR taking back the mother land is awesome. Those Spanish jerks would stop getting siestas and watching stupid soccer matches and be forced to dance to reggaeton instead of techno and they would all get jobs while the native PRs would put Spanish people to work making shiny t-shirts, designer sunglasses, and jeans with crazy designs on them. pure payback!

In my ideal world they are pointing to England with a plan for wiping out the English language and forcing the whole world to learn Spanish, and perrero, and reggaeton. Also since the English flag is already red, white and blue, I feel like they would be more amenable to flying the awesome PR flag.

But as we think a little bit more about this wall paper, we are left to consider the idea of a Wisin y Yandel videogame (definitely multiplatform Xbox 360/PS3/PC, but no Wii, that is not a very reggaeton system).

In my dream world the game would feature a mix of these elements:
1. Real Time Strategy (if you are going to invade Spain you need a plan)
2. A rhythm based game where you have to make sweet reggaeton beats
3. Some sort of sandbox game (like GTA IV) where you have to travel around Spain as Wisin y Yandel trying to pick up girls, get into night clubs, play concerts, and go shopping.

The game would be called Reggaeton Revolucion and it would sell so many copies.

-Estilo Blanco

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nejo y Dalmata f. Arcangel, Daddy Yankee - Algo Musical Remix

This remix has been getting tons of airplay on reggaeton94 lately, so it's time to post it. Hearing new DY in a song makes me so happy inside, the only way this could be better is if it were a non-bootleg video made in Windows Movie Maker (hispanics love pirated versions of Windows XP).

I also really liked this homemade video, who is that girl? I don't get it, but the song is still good.

-Talento de Victoria

Monday, May 11, 2009

This looks fun

I think I could totally go to this and not get stabbed. Man this looks like fun.

-Estilo Blanco

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sick Arcangel song to Iverson clips

I was listening to my ipod at work today when Que Se Activen by Arcangel came on. This song is so thugged out and gets me hyped up. Prra prra. Anyways, the only version of it on youtube I could find is edited to Top 10 Iverson moments.


-Talento de Victoria