Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wisin y Yandel Videogame

So in anticipation of Wisin y Yandel's new album La Revolucion, they have released some awesome wallpapers for fans. The best of three is shown above and features Wisin y Yandel plotting some sort of military action against Europe.

Talento de Victoria is hoping that they are plotting to invade Spain via France as payback for what the Spainiards did to the Taino Indians who were native to Puerto Rico. It goes without saying that the idea of PR taking back the mother land is awesome. Those Spanish jerks would stop getting siestas and watching stupid soccer matches and be forced to dance to reggaeton instead of techno and they would all get jobs while the native PRs would put Spanish people to work making shiny t-shirts, designer sunglasses, and jeans with crazy designs on them. pure payback!

In my ideal world they are pointing to England with a plan for wiping out the English language and forcing the whole world to learn Spanish, and perrero, and reggaeton. Also since the English flag is already red, white and blue, I feel like they would be more amenable to flying the awesome PR flag.

But as we think a little bit more about this wall paper, we are left to consider the idea of a Wisin y Yandel videogame (definitely multiplatform Xbox 360/PS3/PC, but no Wii, that is not a very reggaeton system).

In my dream world the game would feature a mix of these elements:
1. Real Time Strategy (if you are going to invade Spain you need a plan)
2. A rhythm based game where you have to make sweet reggaeton beats
3. Some sort of sandbox game (like GTA IV) where you have to travel around Spain as Wisin y Yandel trying to pick up girls, get into night clubs, play concerts, and go shopping.

The game would be called Reggaeton Revolucion and it would sell so many copies.

-Estilo Blanco


  1. if 50 cent has TWO games, then WyY should have one at the very least. I mean they did Mujeres en el Club together, they have the connections now.

    the only other feature i would add is a Workout minigame, but all natural, no HGH, you can tell by their muscles that they are all natural. The more you workout, the easier it is to get girls, get the top clubs, etc. The only drawback is that is makes you less flexible for dancing.

    and why is yandel wearing a girl's tank top?