Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Reggaeton Dramas: Arcangel

It has been said that University departments can be so difficult because you have so many smart people in one place-there are bound to be conflicts. I think it's more because many of them are jerks. But Reggaeton is no different, so much talent and awesomeness, there is bound to be some drama.

One of our favorite artists, Arcangel, is in the midst of a CRAZY feud with Baby Records.

It seems that Arcangel used to be a duo with half-chinese hero De La Ghetto, but then that split up. But more importantly Arcangel also has a huge beef with his old label Baby Records.

"As we say in PR, "que revolu"! Translation: what a friggin' mess! This kid's got a lot of drama considering he's just a newcomer in the game. He already split from De La Ghetto (the two were originally a duo) and now, he's asking to be released from Zion's Universal-distributed Baby Records. Arcangel alleges that he signed to Baby Records for $10,000 and that his contract outlines a two-year tenure and the completion of a solo record. But apparently, he's not content with Zion's management and feels like he's in limbo, especially since no solo album has been dropped..." (Source)

The Drama was apparently enough for him to get this tat (it is a Baby Records logo crossed out, like it is banned)!

-Estilo Blanco

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