Monday, December 22, 2008

Reggaeton 101: Perreo

This is a kind of dance you bust when listening to reggaeton. Made popular in PR, it comes from the word "perro", meaning dog, and "perrear", meaning to dance. Pretty much doggystyle dancing. It can also be called "sex on the dance floor" or "sex with clothing".

What makes this any different than your normal grinding at the club? In North America, grinding definitely goes on, but can sometimes be questionable and awkward. With reggaeton, all signs point to yes. No longer do you need to creepily stand on the edge of the dance floor, waiting to spot a really drunk girl. This is just how you dance.

I read there was some kind of stink in PR about it, but I mean come on, really? Really? 

Sorry if this video offends anyone.
-Talento de Victoria


  1. Loose pants are both a good and bad idea.

    #1 good idea - feel that music and grinding.

    #2 bad idea - everyone can see your boner. If it's not a megaboner, you will be shamed.

    There are two sides to everything.