Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rakim y Ken-Y - Te Regalos Amores

When you first hear the name Rakim and Ken-Y, you can't help but think it's a rap duo. It's ok, we all make that mistake. Rakim is actually José Nieves, and there is no viable explanation about why he goes by the name Rakim other than the fact that he sometimes goes by the initials R.K.M. Rakim drops most of the rhymes on their tracks and is considered the "rapper." Ken-Y on the other hand sings the melodious and infections hooks and has mas passion. He is also considerably better looking than Rakim, and some would say he looks like a smaller version of Enrique Iglesias.

They just released an album called The Royalty (2008) on Pina Records, though if you listen to it for more than a few minutes, you should not have any problem figuring that out since they yell it out all the time.

This video is for the best song on the album "Te Regalos Amores" which according to an online translator means "I love gifts," but that can't be right.

The video appears to be set on some sort of horse ranch and both Rakim and Ken-Y are wearing awkardly tucked in shirts, which can only mean that they are there for classy purposes. It is also worth nothing that Rakim kind of looks like a hispanic version of Penn from Penn & Teller.

You have to click the picture to go to Youtube because they have disabled embedding.

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