Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Enemy of Reggaeton: IO Cable

So, IO Cable decided to try to secure the Latino Market by creating this ad. It just reinforces ridiculous stereotypes and is all about cable packages. Though I think there are some clues in there, specifically the presence of a pirate. This is because true Reggaetoneros steal cable.

The other possibility is that they get some sort of awesome weird satellite dish (pictured) that gets them special Puerto Rican channels that I don't even know about yet...

In my dreams these channels features instructional videos about dancing, speaking Spanish, and making love PR-style. They also have awesome game shows that are like a mix of Press your Luck and and a porno.

From what I can tell, this ad ran in Jan/Feb 2008 and Cablevision's stock actually went up.

I think that Reggaeton is so strong that even weak reggaeton can boost sales of sub-par cable services.

p.s. ok, the beat is actually pretty hot.
-Estilo Blanco