Thursday, January 15, 2009

Puerto Rican Haircut

While the music is what draws you to reggaeton, you can't help but get into the culture that surrounds it. As we try to figure it all out, we start to connect the dots and find trends and patterns that give us insight into the music and the lifestyle.

One of the things that seems to pop up over and over again is the same haircut.

For some reason, Puerto Ricans seem to like a hair cut that is very short on the sides and then pushed forward to create a STRAIGHT hairline across their forehead. There are theories that this is done to try and look more like a black guy but I'm not sure. To get a better idea of the style, take a look at the picture on the left. De La Ghetto might have the most perfect PR haircut on earth. So thick and luxurious!

It is a sweet haircut that cannot be pulled off by just anyone.

Curly hair? Get a Grateful Dead CD. Widows peak? Start listening to Indie Rock. Blonde? You look too much like Eminem. Bald? Acceptable if you are jacked.

You need to have very straight black hair that is thick enough to form a perfect line. If you hair is thin, you will end up looking kind of creepy and greasy (see photo below). Though just a theory at this point, I think Chinese guys and maybe an Indian dude could pull it off.


  1. you look hot!! From Elkhart, Indiana

  2. Jajajajaja ur really funny this cracked me up i was so thinking the same thing
    but have you seen daddy yankees he has like half pushed forward and the rest in a fauxhawk

  3. his hair is so bad as in cool i have mine like his and its the same as mine

  4. Are you serious ! To look more like a black guy ? I have wavy curly hair. Why do I want my hair to look like black persons hair. Makes no sense ! lol

  5. I go to PR for work a lot, and almost five years after this post was made, this haircut is STILL pretty much worn by every guy in PR. Lame, uncreative, tasteless and boring. Just like the modern Puerto Rican.