Thursday, January 15, 2009

Video: Baby Rasta y Gringo - Tiemblo

Reggaeton can be pretty predictable in an awesome way. Remix usually means "same song with 5 more guys on it" and old school often means "that beat from Save the Last Dance".

Forget all that when watching the video for Tiemblo from Baby Rasta y Gringo's "The Comeback". It is a 2008 album which is notable because they reunited on it after breaking up in 2004.

Rather than typing a bunch of boring stuff you're not going to read, just fast forward to 2:34. Holy crap right? The song is a jam, but something inside of me was shouting "NERDS!" and wanted to give Baby Rasta a wedgie.

I don't know how they did it but they managed to shoot on location in The Matrix for this one. Is it just me or is Baby Rasta looking a lot like JP from Grandma's Boy?

Grade: C+

The song is a jam, but I have to take off a couple letters for the video. I need reggaeton to make me less of a nerd and more cool instead of the other way around.

-Talento de Victoria

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  1. mind blow.

    I love reggaeton, but I don't always love reggaeton haircuts.