Monday, January 5, 2009

Enemy of Reggaeton: Pitbull

It's no surprise here. Look how much he raps in English and he is so desperate for acceptance by real rappers, it's pretty weak.

Pitbull got famous when Lil' Jon decided that he wanted some of that sweet, sweet money from the Latino Market. But rather than actually looking into Reggaeton and signing someone awesome like Voltio, he signed Pitbull and collected a check.

His first album was called M.I.A.M.I. (Money Is A Major Issue), and clearly he spent so much time coming up with the acronym. It is so obvious that he got the "money" part right away and spent forever thinking about the rest of it. Though his choice of a clever acronym does play into my theories about him.

First off, he claims to be Cuban but get a look at Pitbull, he's pink! So if he is actually Cuban then pretty obvious that his family probably owned Casinos and Fruit plantations in Cuba before Castro took over. Which means he's essentially the oppressor, so not a lot of credibility there.

My other theory is that Pitbull has no Cuban blood whatsoever, he is just a white guy who shaved his head, got a Rosetta Stone DVD, and took a trip to Cuba and thought it was cool. He was going to get into the revolutionary stuff, but then he saw Scarface and thought it would be awesome to pretend to be Cuban.

Finally, his ability to make witty acronyms is something that white people do when they create non profit organizations. So, you know, kind of a clue as to what he's really all about.

Pitbull is also an enemy of Reggaeton for feuding with Daddy Yankee over the issue of immigration and even challenging him to a debate in Spanish. There is no doubt that Pitbull would get smoked as he keeps asking where the bathroom is and telling the moderator that she is beautiful.

Truth be told, he could pretty much demolish us in a Spanish debate. But whatever.

-Estilo Blanco
He also says "she's loose off the goose" all the time in reference to Grey Goose vodka. What a dork.


  1. I heard Pitbull played here in a club in Victoria, BC. At first I said, wow this is cool, maybe they are down with latino. Then i remembered I was in Victoria, BC and the fact that some garbage BC laptop dj knew who he was made me realize how much of an enemy he is.

    I also don't think he plays his own instruments.

  2. mmmmm...............chicks like him

  3. lool the way this guy pops up in reggaeton videos for no reason
    Aparentemente..............long ass word
    Mi alma se muere

  4. please you all sound silly as fuck.pitbull is cuban do any of you live in miami 90% of the cubans are light bright and damn near white.who gives a fuck if he don't like raggaeton he's got his own flow and represents his city proudly.thats the great thing about america you have your own opinion but have some fuckin facts to back your shit up.

  5. Espanoles Blancos, werent those the first spaniards that colonized my island of Kiskeya...There are white cubans just like there are black cubans. Come on. U gotta know more history than that. Nobody said nothing when daddy Yankee and P Diddy disrespected Tego.