Sunday, January 18, 2009

Review: Talento De Barrio

Daddy Yankee's first foray into the world of feature films is a bit of a mixed bag.

We will start with the positives.

On one hand, it has delivered one of the greatest soundtracks in history. Pose, Somos De Calle, Talento De Bariro, incredible tracks all the way through.

The movie also features some awesome shots of La Perla and teaches us valuable lessons about proper etiquette in Puerto Rican Night clubs. They are pretty scary, I'm not going to lie. But it did teach Talento de Victoria and Estilo Blanco to only go to night club with metal detectors. That way we will only get beat up over a misunderstanding and not shot.

There is also a pregnancy in the movie!

Finally, there is a CHINESE guy in the movie. Though he only has one line before he's shot, they also find a way to get a villain character to bust his balls about knowing karate. Asian dudes cannot catch a break, but this is a Chinese guy who lives in Puerto Rico, hangs with PR thugs, and speaks Spanish. Without a doubt he is the coolest Chinese guy on earth.

There are some negatives. Namely the plot, dialogue, and many many unecessary scenes. There is a strange scene where the good guy (Daddy Yankee) stomps a man to death for raping a girl. While we do not condone rape at all, the rape played no role in the film, and the death added nothing other than to make DY look a little crazy.

It drags a little bit too.

But in the end, the movie is about PR and reggaeton so as far as the rest of the world is concerned this is the best movie ever made. Also it was shot using expensive cameras and looks good, unlike most Master P movies.

In short, we want to see more.

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