Friday, January 2, 2009

Randy and the Chucky doll

One of the drawbacks of not being hispanic or speaking spanish (yet) is sometimes you don't really know what's going on in the world of reggaeton without guessing or using poorly translated lyrics from the internet.

Case in point being Randy and his Chucky doll. What's up with that? I noticed it in the Tu Te Las Trae remix, Ese Mahon, and now in this live video.

One day, when someone reads this blog, if you are hispanic, speak spanish, or both, can you please comment on what the deal is? If you are white and know that's fine too.

Talento de Victoria

3:15, someone in the crowd is holding a doll

1:53, macking a ho with the doll

1:20, again!


  1. sometimes it gets weeeird

  2. A little late but here's a bit of an answer...

    I saw him at a fiesta once and he had it. He was telling the crowd that it was Arcangel. So apparently its a joke about Arcangel from when they were feuding.

  3. I made a compiled post of Scary dolls that are best for Halloween pranks. Still, Chucky Doll is the spookiest of all!