Monday, August 24, 2009

Zion y Lennox - Amor Genuino

I think it's pretty obvious that this might be the classiest reggaeton video ever. Do you know why? Because it's set in the olden days, and as a rule of thumb anything that happens in the old days is always classier than stuff that happens now. Except racism and sexism, I guess.

So this is about as mainstream as reggaeton can sound, and I'm not sure how much it works. It kind of sounds like Zion y Lennox are singing on top of a Steve Winwood track which is not that cool.

That being said, I think this song could be a pretty sweet jam for a tourism campaign for Puerto Rico. Imagine this playing on top of shots of like cliffs, and nightclubs, and beaches and awesome restaurants serving rice and beans, plantains, and all sorts of other awesome PR food.

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