Friday, August 7, 2009

Constructive Criticism

Imagine our surprise to find a comment not left by either myself or Estilo Blanco! But wait... I sense a tone of dissention...

First off, we are both major blanquitos. We are not trying to hide this fact.

Second, I said Guelo is a TEMPORARY enemy of reggaeton. As in, literally for the day it was posted and that's it. We personally hate reggae and state that in the post. If anything, it was just a funny way for us to trash reggae, not an attack on Guelo at all. I acknowledged that Guelo Star is a major contributor to reggaeton/dembow and is a sick lyricist. I have the Pelicula Viviente Sincero mixtape and love it!

Think of it this way: it’s like when Russians first got into Rock n Roll after the end of the USSR, they didn't know what they were doing but they rocked so fucking hard because they loved it so much. Or the Japanese getting into hip hop, they were a bit confused but that just led to them taking it in new directions. So it's bout learning (and I guess globalization.)

No matter what we do we will always be wannabe PRs, it’s not our fault, it’s our ethnicity’s.

We also acknowledge that we can’t know everything about reggaeton, we are white (well, one of us is half-chinese, even worse! except in the case of De La Ghetto), don’t speak spanish (yet), and appreciate any and all clarifications or knowledge from legit latinos. In fact, we have asked for it in past posts!

Lastly, this site isn’t very serious and we are joking about most of the stuff here (except our love and pasion for Reggaeton). This is a guide to help white people get into reggaeton, it can be very daunting if all you have are white friends who love indie rock and hipster electronica. We have nothing but love for latinos and all reggaeton culture, even if it includes reggae. Although, I thought all reggae was good for was asking someone if they are into reggaeton and they say “yes, I like Bob Marley,” then you diss them.

White people like getting all hung up on genre names. We don't want to divide and chop it up in to romantiqueo, bachata, etc. We also don't want to call it "Latin Music" or else white people will think it's Gypsy Kings and that World Music that they like so much. We need to use a term they've heard and use that to get them interested.

If you think about it, we are like white people in 1984 who were legitimately into hip-hop. Those people turned into all the white rappers from the 90’s on, or janitors.

P.s. Thank you for calling me papi!

-Talento de Victoria


  1. Man this is a special day. Someone read a post!

  2. i know! but all jokes aside... reggae does kind of suck.

  3. sorry guys if i came across hostile to yall,
    im very glad that reggaeton has some white and half chinese fans lol, and i would like to help you guys, its jus that at first glance i thought u guys were serious about certain stuff, and theres some amount of misinformation, im willing to help yall on it,
    because to start with, theres Reggaeton(which always has some sort of dem bow) and then theres musica urbana, which is the category that reggaeton and hip hop PR, and urban pop and r&b fits in. then theres music like bachata, and merengue and salsa, which is not reggaeton at all. but you can mix it, in which case when u hear the dem bow its still reggaeton. are you guys confused?

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