Monday, August 24, 2009

Johnny Walker Black

One of the things that we have publically complained about on this site before is that Reggaeton artists are not doing enough work to shout out labels and products that we should buy. We don't speak Spanish, we need to be told what to do!

When we first got into reggaeton, we looked so hard to find the right drink for reggaeton. Naturally we thought it had to be rum, and why wouldn't we? Puerto Rico produces some of the finest rum on earth, and in the Somos De Calle Remix Daddy Yankee even talks about "hot in your chest like Anejo" which we looked up and found out was a type of rum. So we thought, to be reggaeton is to be into rum. We were wrong.

We waited so long for an answer that we almost gave up. But then we started noticing Randy y Jowell in a lot of pictures holding up a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label. We were curious, but Randy y Jowell do a lot of weird stuff so maybe Jowell was just into the shape of the bottle. I mean this is a dude who appeared in numerous videos holding a Chucky Doll.

But today while watching the video for "2 Cachas" by J. Alvarez and Nejo (seen below, side note: it's HOT) I noticed that Black Label bottle showing up again. So a quick search revealed the above video of Randy y Jowell on tour where we find out that Johnny Walker is the official TOUR SPONSOR! This is a step in the right direction.

Now, this presents a double edged sword. Firstly, Estilo Blanco and Talento De Victoria both love scotch, so it's pretty sweet that the drink of reggaeton is something we already like. But the problem with Black Label is that it leaves an old man aftertaste in your mouth the next morning. The perfect solution would be if another reggaeton star would come out with a special mint for the morning after that fixed this. Because there's no way that I'm going to go buy some Orbitz or Dentyne without reggaeton approval. No way.

Until further notice, we can officially declare Johnny Walker Black the drink of reggaeton. Keep a bottle in your pantry just to be safe.


  1. agreed. JW black is ok, but definitely makes you wonder if you made out with David Carradine the next day. Yes, I realize he is dead.

    I wish there was a reggaeton gum and they called it Gumbow. Wrigleys, you owe me 10%.

  2. why does everything have to be so commerical with you americans? why cant u make up ur own damn mind on what to wear and what to drink,
    Reggaeton isnt like hip hop, and its not trying to impose a certain mindset on to people on what to wear, what to drink and what to buy, jus enjoy the music , and pal carajo to the artist, he/she making their money
    jus becuz u love reggaeton doesnt mean reggaeton has other products, reggaeton is music, if u like reggaeton for any other reason, u dont like reggaeton u porbably like urban latino(preferably Puerto rican) culture