Friday, August 14, 2009

How to make crap hip hop songs awesome

So we here listen to a LOT of Latino 96.3 and we both have the same criticism: too much English. It's really annoying to be listening to an amazing Alexis y Fido jam and have it followed up with a block of Pitbull (the worst), Soulja Boy and Drake. It actually made me hate a lot of songs and I kept thinking "why can't these songs be better?" Well, thankfully De La Ghetto was thinking the exact same thing.

I can only guess that he was chillin at home being like "man, I need to rescue these songs, but how?" Then he was hit with a flash of brilliance when he was doing something cool (breakfast? threesome? parade? we will never know). The eureka moment was his realization "oh yeah, I'll just record these songs in Spanish." And like MAGIC they are 1000% better.

This transformation takes place for a number of reasons:
1. Songs are always better in Spanish (no exceptions)
2. Most rappers/RnB stars use autotune in the subtle way because they can't sing (looking at you Drake), but De Le Ghetto can sing like a CHAMPION without autotune, without over production. So the song immediately has more passion, feeling, and sex appeal.
3. There are no rappers/RnB artists as cool as De La Ghetto.

Above is the De La Ghetto remix of Best I ever Had, and oh my god it's incredible. I sort of liked the song before but now I love it. Below is "Kiss me thru the phone" by Soulja Boy which SUCKED, but now it's pretty sweet. I wish that De La Ghetto would cover any song by Neyo, So Anxious by Genuine, Remix to Ignition by R. Kelly, and EVERYTHING by Boyz II Men.