Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Problem with Puerto Rico Jeans

Alright, this site is no stranger to awesome stuff that you know you just can't buy. We've seen pendants, medallions, and tank tops. And now, Ebay has coughed up these jeans and yes they are every bit as awesome as you would think: dark denim, baggy, and embroidered with stars and "Puerto Rico." They are one of the more reasonable ways to represent Puerto Rico in the area of pants.

But then there are the problems, namely these are simply too baggy. I don't know how you wear these in any warm weather, although I guess since Puerto Rico is always super hot when you leave Puerto Rico it always feels cold, so maybe it makes sense.

In any case the price is right on these things, but I just wish that we could get Puerto Rico jeans in a nice boot cut that you could wear to formal functions, work, AND block parties.

Oh well.
-Estilo Blanco