Friday, June 26, 2009

El Amor? Tito el Bambino DIVORCE!

Looks like Tito is now solo para ti as he has filled for divorce from his wife. Probably a good idea, is that Ivy Queen's twin sister? She looks like the filipino pre-op from that episode of Kenny vs Spenny.

MTVTr3s is saying it was due to El Bambino's cheating, but I mean come on. He is a reggaetonero! That's like divorcing Kobe Bryant because he is too good at basketball.

Tito had this to say:

No hay ninguna persona en el medio. Tito es un muchacho que siempre ha sido un ejemplo para los jóvenes y ahora está dedicado solo a su carrera.

Google translate tells me this means: There is no person in the middle. Tito is a guy who has always been an example for youth and is now devoted only to his career.

Why is he talking in the third person? I can pretty much say that as a reggaetonero, focusing on your career means boning tons of chicks. Anyways, good move Tito, you are way better looking than "her."

-Talento de Victoria