Friday, July 10, 2009

Tu Te Imaginas - De La Ghetto

On this site we have such a mixed set of feelings about De La Ghetto. He is so talented, but at the same time he kind of disses reggaeton and tries to call himself the king of Spanish RnB. So unfair.

In this video Tu Te Imaginas, we get a little more of the taste of De La Ghetto as the RnB star. I tried to hate on this song, but I can't it's got that romantic style, and those little bits of De Le Ghetto making his voice just a little bit falsetto.

However, there are some problems with it that need to be addressed.
1) If this song were in English, there is no doubt I would hate it because it would probably have a rap in the middle by Lil Flip or Flo Rida. Yawn, F+
2) De La Ghetto is really not that good looking, and now that he's lost some weight he wants to show off his face and how he's all skinny. But that just draws more attention to the fact that his head looks like a guy who is both 14 and 45 at the same time! So weird!
3) The ladies in this video are pretty fly, but man do they look bored. How can you be bored with De La Ghetto right near you? Oh yeah, that's right, he's skinny now so he's lost some of his powers.

The lesson learned is that if you're a reggaeton artist, you will probably be better off being a bit chubby, wearing big sunglasses, a PR/DR/Yankees hat, and really big clothes. It will draw the attention away from you face and directly to the music.