Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sub-Generos del Reggaeton

Once you've been listening to that 'ton for a while, you realize it all kind of sounds the same... but in really different ways. Hop on the bus because you are about to get schooled. Each genero is linked to an example track.

Dembow: This is your standard DUNK duh duh DUNK duh beat. There can be a lot of variety in the rest of the musical flesh that surrounds the dembow skeleton, but if it's got that beat it's dembow. It can be hard or soft, but it's all legit. Some reggaeton purists will only find dembow beats to be acceptable, anything else is wack and a threat can be made that if artists do not want to do dembow, then you will listen to north american rap and r&b. UPDATE: I forgot to mention Perreo jams. This is basically a hardcore dembow track that is tuned up specially for that perreo!

Malienteo: Take a 50 cent beat, put on some thugged out PR's in bandanas and straight-brim hats rapping in spanish talking about PR thug shit, that's it. The more artists you can fit on one of these tracks, the better.

Romantiqueo: Uh duh! This what you listen to to get love advice, a girl into bed, or just really horny. If you only masturbate once a day you will masturbate twice a day, if you masturbate twice a day you are going to masturbate five times per day. Be careful with this sub-genero because romantiqueo and pregnancy go hand in hand, even with birth control. Any of these sub-generos could also be romantiqueo, depending on lyrical content and how passionate you get when listening.

Electro-flow: Step 1 - Euro dance beats that could potentially be heard in a gay club. Step 2 - Auto-tuned hook at bare minimum. Step 3 - Sick spanish raps. Step 4 - Get fuckin drunk and dance like a chick. Step 5 - ??? 

I love electroflow like a child I actually planned to have, but many purists will hate on electroflow because it sounds like gay club music and frequently does not contain dembow. Right now this is looking like the future of reggaeton.

Bachata: Originating from the DR, this actually means "bitter music", and songs are usually about failed romances and being bummed out. Luckily we don't speak spanish, because listening to this gives me a boner! They use real instruments (usually two electric acoustics, electric bass, and BONGOS) which makes this the easiest offshoot of reggaeton for a white person to get into. See Aventura

Merengue/Salsa/Fusion stuff: Occasionally some guys will bust out some roots shit and try to sing salsa, or a fast paced merenge beat. These are usually pretty decent, but be careful because you don't want people thinking you are listening to world music.

Finally, and this should go without saying, that if any of the above sub-generos are not in spanish, then it falls into the Garbage category.

-Talento de Victoria, BC



    We need a write up of the Sandra Pena controversy.

  2. dude you got it soooooooooooooo wrong its not even funny!!!

    You might as well call your blog soloparaPR,
    your not representing reggaeton right homie,
    right now ur more of PR blog than reggaeton

    wtf man? you mentioned salsa, merengue and bachata as sub genres of reggaeton and on top of that u got malianteo wrong, and electro flow half right.
    and wtf is up with "fusion stuff"?
    Ok lets start with Reggaeton, reggaeton is not synonymous with music en espanol!!
    Reggaeton doesnt mean spanish music or spanish urban music:
    Reggaeton revolves around the dembow, like u kno doesnt matter how hard(Perreo) or how soft(Electroflow) it is. as long as the percussion pattern is inspired by the dembow its reggaeton.hence the word REGGAE in reggaeton.

    let me talk about the subgenres u got wrong now

    Reggaeton Maliante Mixeo = Malianteo
    Rapcore, Hip Hop with DEMBOW!
    Gangsta zone, ronca, caserio 2,...

    Not malianteo: Somos de calle, any hip hop in spanish, so you cant take a 50 cent beat, that b hip hop DUHH!!!

    Reggaeton Electroflow: Any trance induced,with a strong dosage of electronic music and a watered down version of dembow(its still there)
    so Electroflow: Sexy Movimiento, Algo Musical, Abusadora, sexy robotica,most of the songs on la revolucion
    Not Electroflow: Chica Virtual, Diva Virtual,Ojos que no ven, Me estas tentando, all of these songs are straight up pop(pop urbano)

    Finally Bachata, Salsa and Merengue are their own respective music GENRES , and dont insult people and their music by calling those subgenres of reggaeton wtf!!
    however all three can be mixed with reggaeton
    hence we'll have

    Reggaeton Bachata Mixeo = Bachateo = Bachata con Dembow

    Merengueton = Same thing as above

    Salsaton = GUESS GENIUS!!!

    Fusion stuff, any world music, with hard hitting good old dembow,

    That concludes it homies, theres Musica Urbana, then theres reggaeton, theyre in no way synonymous, mixing them is like mixing electronic music and hip hop

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  4. todo el reggayton y sus deribados estan de la mierda