Thursday, April 23, 2009

Alexis y Fido Ojos Que No Ven

We are always on the search for the hottest new reggaeton jams, and we might have just found the new summertime banger from Alexis y Fido.

Best of luck trying to understand this video. It starts like a Latino Mad Men, then turns into the future, and then turns into a classy dining room. Of these scenarios, I only like to believe that Alexis y Fido would be into the future. If they existed back during the olden days, white people would have pissed off at their hot rhythms.

Also, I'm not sure who is Alexis and who is Fido, but one of them looks like Adnan Ghalib (Britney's ex boyfriend).

As for the song, this jam is STRAIGHT FIRE and the lyrics are "what you don't know won't hurt you." Boom, man for a group of singers who are super into love, they are also into cheating.

TALENTO DE VICTORIA UPDATE: Ok so here is my interpretation of the video. All the lyrics talk about cheating on the DL, which makes it OK (the literal translation of the song title means 'what the eyes do not see, the heart does not feel'). He starts off in his fancy home life... or is he? Man, already Fido is cheating on the DL! Looking smooth. He sees Alexis rocking out on the TV and is like, man I want to get some hos like that, even though he has a ho already. So using the power of the internet he travels into the video and is chillin w/ Alexis. He is bout those hos and keeping it on the DL. Then I guess Fido decides living in the internet is awesome and Alexis wants that home life. So they trade? Uhh... ok so I guess it makes no sense. Is the wife cheating with Alexis too? If so, why are Mr. A y Senor F friends? This may be too advanced for my reggaeton skills at the current time. Here is a link with the lyrics translated.

Also I wish I could dress like that.

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