Monday, February 16, 2009

EBay Finds: Puerto Rico Swimsuit

Of course, there is no doubt that the Puerto Rico bikini is mas sexy, but not all ladies feel comfortable in a Bikini.

That is why it's so awesome to see designers pumping out PR bathing suits for regular ladies.

When I see this, I like to think of a middle school English teacher (late 30s) taking a trip to Puerto Rico as a reward to herself. She gets down there and finds a HUGE tear in her boring black bathing suit, what is she gonna do? She goes into town and scores this sweet swimsuit.

Then later she is on the beach and she hears some Reggaeton, maybe some Randy y Jowell and she likes it. So she walks over to the PR youths who are playing it on their stereo. She dances with the best looking one in the group (who looks like Ken-Y, but taller) and has a wonderful time. Then later he shows up at her hotel with a rose or something more Puerto Rican, and takes her to a very classy Puerto Rican night club. Then he takes her to a mountain and reads her a poem he wrote in Spanish. Then they make love on that mountain and she cries when she leaves him at the airport. Then she gets back home and writes a novel about the whole thing and it gets turned into a movie starring Renee Zelwegger.

Swimsuits can be powerful if they have a Puerto Rican flag on them.