Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Te Amo by Makano

One of the problems of listening to a lot of Reggaeton is that you know the song but you don't know the artist.

They have been banging Te Amo by Makano on Latino 96.3 for a few months now and it is FANTASTIC.

I am trying hard to learn more about Makano, but it should come as no surprise that is from Panama (I like to call people from Panama 'Panamaniacs'). His musical style is very much like Flex, it's big, romantic, and truly sweeping.

Watching the video you will notice he hits a number of things on the Reggaeton Checklist
1. Puerto Rican haircut? Check
2. Ed Hardy Fetish? Check
3. Sunglasses? check
4. Love in his heart? double check

We will post more as find out about this up and coming young star.

Te Amo by Makano
-Estilo Blanco

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